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How To Craft Your Story Effectively, Getting You More Results In Your Business

Have you ever struggled with the question should I lead with the product or should I lead with the business?

For 2 years I was drilled by leaders in my company to focus on business only. Because of this, I would go on and on about how awesome my business was and the compensation plan, but I wasn't rank advancing as fast as I wanted to.

After finding the Attraction Marketing Formula, learning to brand myself and not my company, a light bulb went on. 

People don't buy a product or a business. They buy into YOU. So the answer to the question should I lead with business or product? 

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                                                Tell your Story.

Everybody loves a good story.

It’s why authors can sell millions of books. It’s why screenwriters make millions of dollars selling their scripts. It’s why the best salesman on the planet use stories to sell whatever they’re selling.

Yet, when we meet new people to recruit them to our team, not enough of us use our own story to get those people completely interested in what we have to say.

in this video I’m going to share with you 5 tips on how you can build your own story that will make people stop what they’re doing, listen to you and yes… even become a member of your team.

                                   5 Step Process To Crafting Your Story

1. Share your background: What did you do before whatever opportunity you’re apart of now?

2. Share conflict/pain: What didn't you like about it.

3. Share your solution.

4. Share how you feel about the future.

5. Share your story 100 times.

Be authentic! Really dig into the pain you felt when you’re telling your story and be passionate as you tell it. This process is going to give you more results than any facts and figures can.

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Sadaf Pearl is passionate about helping you create a network marketing business that rocks. She is an expert in social media and loves to spend time in the mountains. For more tips and strategies on building your business on social media follow Sadaf on Facebook and Twitter.

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Jennifer says

Great article Sadaf. Really makes you think. Telling your story is so important.

mike says

this is great info, story telling is so powerful, thank you for sharing this!

Katrina says

Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

Paula says

I really like this, it makes sooo much sense. People really do like to hear your story it make you more relatable. I’m goint to share this with my team! Thanks Sadaf!!

Terri says

Great advice, thanks for the practical tips!

Randall says

Yeah, I think revealing your authentic self is so important. In a strange twist I believe the internet and especially Social Media is bringing us back to doing business with people who we know like and trust. That is the way we used to do business in years past..


Pedro says

Great tips!

Lucia says

Loved it! Crisp and to the point. and most of all true! We all need to learn how to come out and share more. Thanks for sharing Sadaf :*

Anthony Incassati says

Awesome tips Sadaf, I especially love #5 share your story 100 times, lol! Thanks so much for this information!

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