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How To Use The Reverse Invite Method To Get Your Prospects To Invite Themselves To Take A Look At Your Business!

In just 3 month I brought 53 new team members into my business without sending a single copy/pate messenger script to friends or strangers... 

However, not too long ago I was struggling big time, trying to prospect online - and it was badly hurting my relationships with zero to show for it.

I followed my upline’s advice to the ‘T’ 

The "online system" was cold messaging random people in hundreds every single day, posting before after photos, selfies of me holding my company’s products and pretty much just creating a lot of hype around creating wealth, even though I was completely broke.

But still… I pushed forward, stuck to my phone 24/7 and every time someone blocked me or unfriended me, I felt a little part of my self esteem die. 

I was so frustrated and stuck.

And guess who I took my frustration out on... my KIDS It got so bad that one day after I got blocked by a prospect whom I thought would be sure to join, I felt so defeated while staring at my phone…

My daughter was trying to tell me something and I snapped at her, and told her to "eat your food and leave me alone!"

I saw tears swell up in her eyes and I ran out of the room crying as I hated the person I was becoming. :’-(

Later that day my husband, (who was generally supportive of my business), said "Honey, this has to stop. All you do is stare at your phone and take your anger and frustration out on the kids! It’s not fair to them or me" 

I already felt like a failure…. But even worse, I was turning into a terrible mother and wife. 


I also am not one to give up too easily, so I started searching for answers and I found a community of people who were like me and had found an entirely new strategy which actually worked, but didn’t involve spamming strangers online!

More importantly, it gave me my time back with my family!

Do you feel the same way.... Like...

You're constantly inviting people to take a look at your business—but all too often you’re hearing a resounding, “No!”

…or worse yet, “Let me think about it.”

Kinda discouraging, right?

Maybe you’ve started thinking to yourself…

  • “Sheesh, I just want to stop CHASING people!”
  • “How do I get people to ASK ME about my business?”
  • “How can I finally transform all the actions I'm taking into actual, concrete results (like new customers and distributors)?”

Hey, we’ve all been there!

Sometimes prospecting can make you feel like you're spinning your wheels, getting nowhere fast.

But here’s the truth…

The problem with a lot of “traditional” network marketing methods is this:

Most of what's being taught simply doesn't work!

In fact, if you're following the advice of an old, out-of-touch upline, you might very well be…


​​​​​​​Luckily, there is a solution.

It’s called the “Reverse Invite Method.”

Every day, somewhere between 15 and 25 people reach out to me to ask exactly what it is that I am doing.

They are, quite literally, inviting themselves to take a look at my business.

My method starts with creating curiosity.

It relies on making yourself so unique people want to reach out to YOU and invite themselves to take a look at whatever it is you’re doing.

So you don’t have to worry about finding and inviting people, because you’ll have a constant, never-ending stream of people reaching out to you.

Now, you’re probably wondering how this works, what platform you use, and if it’s free or paid.

Well, here are the basics…


I use some paid Facebook advertising, but I also use a lot of organic, non-paid stuff as well. 

You can use this method on your personal profile, your business or fan page, and in groups.

The Reverse Invite principles are always the same!

It all starts with a post to create curiosity.

There are two types of curiosity posts that work best:

  1. Basic, text-based with picture
  2. Facebook Live

If you're tight on funds, you can start using organic, free exposure in the News Feed.

But when you pay to boost one of these posts, you’re paying to get in front of a global audience, and that’s when you can start to scale and create leverage.


I personally do Facebook Lives and posts. If you are nervous to do lives, it DOES get easier after your first one!

But you don’t have to do Facebook Lives or any kind of video marketing if you don’t want to. There are other ways to brand yourself. 

Whether you’re using a basic post or a Facebook Live, just ask yourself:

“What do people need to know about what I'm promoting to get them to enroll, or to move forward?”

It might be one, two, even three things that people need to know.

  • What's holding them back or keeping them stuck?
  • What critical information are they missing to solve their issue?
  • What revelation or realization do they need to move forward?

Find those things.

Dig deep into whatever PAIN or PROBLEM they're going through right now.



Maybe you ask them to comment “more info” on your post.

Maybe you ask them to follow a link so they can get more detailed information.

Or maybe you instruct them to message you via Messenger for more information.

That's how you “reverse” the invite.

You lead people to the point at which they think…

“Yeah, this novel solution sounds like it will eliminate my pain and solve my problem!”

And they will invite themselves.

Which is something you'll learn all about in my FREE online recruiting video series, which you can sign up for here.

Now, here's a question we get often:


And the answer is: absolutely, positively, NO!

That's the biggest mistake any new networker or affiliate marketer can make.

New marketers think it’s the product that gets people excited.

The truth is, people don’t care about your products!

They don’t have enough information to care about your products.

You have to make them aware they need your products first.

The secret is simple…


It all comes down to finding out what makes YOU, or whatever at you're selling, unique.

How does your product or service help someone reduce or eliminate whatever pain they're experiencing right now?

As an example, let’s talk about weight loss.

People are NOT interested in learning how to lose weight.

They already KNOW how to lose weight.

What IS interesting to them is how your product is DIFFERENT from anything else they’ve seen.

What IS interesting is your unique position about your products.

Once you persuade someone to walk through your process until they say, “Yes, I need to talk to you about something,” then you can have the conversation about why they need what you have.

 Is this making sense?


You’ll talk about the problems they’re having, you’ll show you understand and can relate to those problems, and then you’ll tell them there's a solution—WITHOUT giving it away.

You’ll ask them to DO SOMETHING to get the information they want.

In other words, you’ll set it up so that they have to take action and reach out to you to get the info they want.

You create curiosity so they want to learn more.

And the best way to create curiosity is by telling a story.

You've probably heard that “facts tell, stories sell.”

People in network marketing hear that all the time, yet few people understand how this really works.

Compelling stories make people WANT to get onboard with whatever you're doing.

Some network marketers can’t stop themselves from talking on and on and on about how amazing their lives are and how much their lives have changed since they joined their company—and it ANNOYS the heck out of their friends, family, and anybody else who’s subject to it.

So how do you keep from annoying people?

How can you attract people instead of repelling them?

Well, here’s another simple truth…

Your company, whatever system you're using, did not get you where you are.


So instead of focusing on your product, service or company, you should focus on yourself as a unique individual with a unique story.

Focus on making YOU that unique selling point so that people reach out to you.

It doesn't matter what company you're with.

It doesn't matter what product you promote.

If you want to learn how it works, the entire strategy I use is revealed in a FREE Online Recruiting Boot Camp available here.

YOU create a bond and develop rapport with people through your story, through your posts, through your Facebook Lives, so your prospects will say…

“I like Sadaf. I want to work with her.”

The bond YOU create with people is going to take you much further with them than your product ever will.

The more authentic you are, the more you focus on bringing service and providing value, you become that servant-leader, and that's when people come and want to join you. It is honestly that simple.


And if you're new to this whole idea, then I strongly encourage you to sign up for Elite Marketing Pro's FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp to learn more about how to build your network marketing businesses online, so you don't have to be that annoying friend who can’t stop talking about their products.

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Sadaf Pearl xxoo

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