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Secret to Success on Your Live Videos

Do you want more followers, more traffic, more people attracted to you and your Facebook Lives?

This post will give you IMPORTANT Tips to boost your engagement and get serious results using Facebook Live.

Since the roll out of Facebook Lives it has been considered a rule of thumb for Network Marketers to do a Facebook Live to build the like, know and trust factor with your audience. 

The reason behind it is that you are in front of your audience they can see you and your passion. 

The key is to be consistent with the Facebook Lives, however, many Marketers get discouraged with the lack of views and engagement on their lives. 

 In the video I have shared below I go through the formula of success: Attention + Trust = Growth of your following.

Click below to watch the full video

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Sadaf Pearl is passionate about helping you create a network marketing business that rocks. She is an expert in social media and loves to spend time in the mountains. For more tips and strategies on building your business on social media follow Sadaf on Facebook and Twitter.

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